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Why, hello there!  My name is Robyn Reid and I'm a mixed media artist and mother living in the seaside village of Qualicum Beach on spectacular, majestic Vancouver Island.  

Prior to motherhood, I was working as a portrait artist and living in a perpetual state of reckless, creative abandon.  In February of 2017 I produced my pièce de ré·sis·tance- a true masterpiece- my beautiful baby boy.  Naturally, my life radically shifted course and my creative energy all but vanished in the hazy, sleepless delirium of early motherhood.  Frankly, most days I considered picking up a hairbrush- much less a paintbrush- to be a triumph, and I often feared I would never make my way back to the electric, magical space of productive artistry.

As my little boy neared his second birthday, his burgeoning independence and ability to sleep for more than two hours straight (hallelujah!) offered me a new lease on life as a mother and as as artist.  For the first time in nearly three years I could feel the wheel of creativity inside of me slowly begin to turn, and a serendipitous encounter with a little needle felted Christmas ornament would trigger a new and totally unexpected chapter in my life as an artist.

It might sound funny, but crafting characters out of wool brings me so much joy.  It is a cathartic, therapeutic experience an a synergistic marriage between my work as a portrait artist and children's book author/illustrator.   It offers me an opportunity to fully engage my imagination and create entirely unique characters- each with their very own story to tell.  And it is my pleasure to share them with the world.

To view my portrait work, please visit robynreid.ca

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